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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 7, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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top five, here is the thing. you ever watch the espn? they have that top ten thing? we ripped it off. we are only doing five. so espn thank you for our top five tonight. if you hate it, well, it's all right. very short. bill o'reilly loves it. did you see him with the president yesterday? he was with the president yesterday. and i'm guessing he is probably going to talk about it now. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> a lot of americans feel that you are a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom. >> bill: reaction widespread to my live super bowl interview with president obama. >> by the time you get here, you have to have had pretty thick skin, if you didn't, then you probably wouldn't have gotten here. >> bill: we will have aanalysis interview the country is talking about with juan williams, brit hume, and bernie goldberg. >> did i not see urgency from you about the 14-plus trillion-dollar debt. why didn't i see more urgency from you? >> bill, i think there was
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enormous urgency. >> bill: did you really. >> we have additional 10 minutes of the obama interview that we taped after the super bowl extravaganza and you will see it tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. what the obama interview pinheaded or patriot i can? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as predicted, reaction to my interview with president obama on super bowl sunday was all over the place. some people loved it. others hated it and the assessment wasn't always along ideological lines. one of the more interesting aspects of the talk was when i asked the president how he reacts to people who hate him. does it disturb you that some people hate you? [ laughter ] >> bill: i mean, it's a serious question. >> you know, the truth is, the
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people and i'm sure previous presidents would say the same thing whether it was bush or clinton or reagan or anybody, the people who dislike you don't know you. >> bill: but they hate you? >> even the folks who hate you, they don't know you. >> bill: apparently ethics change offended some on the left like nancy pelosi. >> to hear this used in the presence of the president of the united states, i think we all have to recognize that while we may disagree with people and while we may think they are wrong. >> yes. >> we shouldn't think that they are bad and we shouldn't ever use the word hate in context of people. >> bill: oh i see so now there is another word banned from conversation. how crazy is this? and, it gets worse. >> what do you make of the question why do people hate you so much? and i just wonder if that would have ever been asked about george w. bush? >> bill: i wonder. i wonder. if anyone would have dared to ask president bush that kind of question? the people in the press hated
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you, a lot of them. why? why? >> i don't know. you have to ask them. i'm not a hater. and so sometimes it's hard for me to understand why somebody hates somebody. >> bill: so apparently people at msnbc missed that. so somehow i don't remember nancy pelosi objecting to ethics change. do you think she just might be trying to manufacture controversy to make fox news and me your humble correspondent look bad? do you think? other reactions? the uber left british newspaper the guardian said i was rude and blustery. the "l.a. times" called the chat a free willing exchange. the "new york times" called me conservative twice in four sentences in case you missed it the first time. howard kurtz said i didn't put any points on the board. "the baltimore sun" guy david zurawik wrote that both part pants did things well.
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politico called it friendly sparring. arlene said i said obama lied so she turned off the interview. bring preconceived ideas. among less intense americans i can think can you sense i got my questions in, the president answered some, dodged some, but the back and forth was spirited and worthwhile. also, i think fox news showed the world that we are not in business to demean the president. we want answers, but are not on a crusade to harm the administration. since the liberal media lies about fnc all the time, that demonstration was important. folks who don't ordinarily watch us now have some eyewitness data to go on. in the end, the live interview worked for us. and we hope it worked for you. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, factor exclusive. after the live stuff was over, the president and i continued the conversation beginning with afghanistan. >> bill: at this point are you
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confident that we're going to win in afghanistan? can you say that the measure people the -- american people the blood and treasure is worth it? we are going to defeat the taliban? can you say that. >> i can say that we will defeat al qaeda and that the taliban will not be retaking afghanistan. >> bill: can you is say that wih surety. >> look, i can't say anything with 100% certainty. buff i have confidence that our troops have done an incredible amount of work. they are now on the offensive rather than being on the defensive. and we're starting to transition so that afghan security forces can start taking over. the taliban are still going to be an element in afghanistan. but what we have said to them and what we will say to i think everybody in the region is as long as you respect the afghan constitution, as long as you lay down arms, and are not involved in the violent overthrow of the government, then those of you that want to participate in the political process you should. >> bill: okay.
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so it would be good to get them. in. people of afghanistan do not respect karzai. we back another guy like we backed mubarak another guy who is very troubling. >> i think that karzai has a very tough task in building a country -- >> bill: yeah, but he. >> third poorest in the world that has never had a strong tradition of central government. doesn't have a civil service. 70% ill literacy. he has challenges. what i also said to him is you have got to improve governance. >> bill: he says to you i will do what i want. >> i don't think he says i he will do what he wants. what he will often say is it is hard and takes time. what i said to him the american people have made a big investment here. -- >> bill: you trust this guy you? trust karzai? >> i would say that i trust that he cares about his country and he cares about the relationship with the united states. but i do think that he has got some big changes that he has got to make in his government to be legitimate in the eyes of the
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afghan people over the long term. >> bill: at the end of the year, we'll have almost all of our troops out of iraq. >> yeah. >> bill: guess who shows up a couple weeks ago this is ais a sard this thug. try to dominate iraq. do you see it that way. >> no, i don't. if you look at what the government formation process has been, first of all you have a democracy that's up and running. you have got a lot of squabbling between all the factions in iraq just like you have got squabbling here in the united states but they haven't resorted to arms. the is is a dirists. they wanted defense. >> bill: yeah, they have a lot of bombs. iran more powerful nation than iraq starts to just foment turmoil in iraq and so they are have k. have influence of turmoil there. >> iran and iraq will have a relationship. but iraq, i'm confident, is going to be able to maintain its
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independence and maintain a strong partnership with the united states. >> bill: i think i'm worried about that. >> i worry about everything, bill. >> bill: two more questions. one is a criticism and one is a compliment. the criticism comes at the state of the union address. i did not see urgency from you about the 14 plus trillion-dollar debt. i saw we will freeze, this freeze that i didn't see the urgency here. almost every economists i talk to says if the united states continues to wrack up debt the way we continue to rack it up. our dollar is going to be down the drain. why didn't i see more urgency from you. >> i think there was enormous urgency. cutting $400 billion. we are proposing to cut $400 billion. >> bill: g.o.p. would triple that. >> understand by doing that we will get domestic spending to the lowest level as a share of g.d.p. since eisenhower. that means we will be spending less in terms of discretionary
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spending. we'll be spending less than we did under reagan. >> bill: that's a slight of hand. >> no, it's not. bill. >> bill: there is so many entitlements in defense and things like that. >> we are making cuts in defense. here is what you are absolutely right about. the long-term problem is entitle thements. >> bill: yeah. >> social security, medicare, medicaid. what i have said to republicans is i want to work with you to figure out how we cut spending on that. >> bill: see if those pinheads can come up with. >> we are not going to be able to do it. one side is not going to be able to get it done because it requires tough choices. >> bill: as an american, i'm tremendously worried about that. >> so am i. >> bill: you have got to put the brakes on that. next on the run down the rest of that exclusive interview does the president really feel that fox news sun fair and unbalanced? we posed that question after these messages. ♪ [ male announcer ] here they come. all the new tech products you need.
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whoa! that achy cold needs alka-seltzer plus! it rushes multiple cold fighters, plus a powerful pain reliever, wherever you need it! [ both ] ♪ oh what a relief it is! >> bill: continuing now with our exclusive presidential interview, after the live chat before the super bowl we taped 10 minutes more with mr. obama. in this segment civility kicks it off. >> bill: i thought you gave a great speech in arizona. >> thank you. >> on the civility factor. >> i i appreciate that. >> bill: i don't think people will respond to it i think civility in the media and in politics is going to go down hill, continue to go down hill. >> why is that do you think? >> bill: it's because there is such division between conservatives and liberals and there is a lot of money to be made, a rot -- lot of money to
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be made if can you polarize people in the media it sounds good. but here's my question. how much damage do you believe the media is doing by participating in this rancor and people have accused me of that. >> yeah. i don't think it helps. look. >> bill: how much damage is it doing to the country? >> i think what it does is over the long term, it is making it harder and harder for the sensible center to get together to solve problems. i think that is damaging. we just talked about spending. we want to cut spending a lot of republicans sincerely want to cut spending. in order to do it though everybody is going to have to make compromises because everybody wants to cut what the other guy likes. they don't want to cut what they like. right? and so you have got to make some tough decisions. the only way you make those tough decisions is if you are willing to cut the other side a little bit of slack. >> bill: i know. >> and the media, unfortunately, if i have a nice talk with john mccain and we are agreeing to do
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something. >> bill: boring. >> nobody is going to report on that. >> bill: it's more personal. it's personal stuff. >> if there is an argument, then that's what's gets reported. as a consequence, i think a lot of politicians think the way i get on the news is if i insult somebody. and not rewarding politicians for simply insulting the other side but rather rewarding them for coming up with sensible solutions. >> bill: that's a pipe dream. that's never going to happen. >> bill, you can start the trend. >> bill: look, i don't think i'm a personal attack guy. i call it the way i think it should be called. last question, i will let you go. fnc and the obama administration, fox news and obama administration a little bit of rocky history. >> okay. >> bill: i sincerely want to know. >> yeah. >> bill: you said earlier you watch me you know what i'm doing. >> yeah. >> bill: what can i do better for the country not you. what can i do better? what can fnc do better? >> and i appreciate the
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opportunity. here is what i would say, bill, the most important thing that the news, whether it's fox news or msnbc or whoever can do, is give people the facts. and make sure that they have got all the facts. let's take the example of spending. if people know that only 12% of the budget is domestic discretionary spending things like, you know, environmental protection or food safety or et cetera, and that most of it is either defense, social security, medicare, medicaid, so we can't eliminate the deficit just by eliminating foreign aid and earmarks. then people will have to grapple with some of these tougher issues and that makes it easier for me and republican leaders to come up with real solutions. >> bill: don't you think we have given the facts at fox news? >> i think what is true of the media generally is that they hear one side's argument and the other side's argument but getting the whole picture, so
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that the people can look at a budget, let's say and say here is the federal budget and, by the way, a lot of you viewers you care about social security, you want social security there. you want medicare there, but we're going to have to do something on entitlements if we're going to actually fix the problem. >> bill: okay, but in talking more like a professor than. >> no, but what i'm saying is that's an example of just the facts without the spin, i think, is something that would be good for everybody. >> bill: i think hard news guy does that but opinion makers. >> opinion makers is where i think a lot of the viewership gravitates. >> bill: absolutely. do you think you are being treated by fox news now? >> i would say that the news guys i think try to do a good job, although, look, let's face it, fox news, i think, has a point of view. there is nothing wrong with that. there is a strong history in america of all news having some
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form of point of view. fox news has a point of view that's part of our democracy. >> bill: do you respect it. >> absolutely. >> bill: in president thanks so much. >> great talking with you. >> bill: i enjoyed it for those of you who didn't see the live interview before the super bowl. we will have the highlights from it a bit later on in this newscast. later on, juan and mary katharine will analyze the entire chat and brit hume after that
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♪ we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, reaction to my interview with mr. obama widespread. bill scrugs lives in montana, why on earth would fox give this loser air time on super bowl sunday? bill, starting with he is the most powerful man in the world? joining us now from washington
8:21 pm
with their own reaction, fox news analyst mary katharineham and juan williams. reading the mail, eclipse from all people -- it's very interesting. i could write a whole book on it juan, overall, anything jump out at you? >> first, let me just say congratulations, you are the talk of the nation today. everywhere i went everybody is talking about what did you think of o'reilly and obama? the idea that you were able to hold him to account without going barney frank on him. i mean, you didn't allow him to filibuster, you actually said serious business on the entitlements business, you said to him no slight of hand. don't just give me some big number over five years. how are you going to cut entitlements and you held him to the fire. i thought that was pretty good. when you got him to shae that fox news is a legitimate organization, he has respect, you know, that's really important. i am saying that to you because you know what has gone on between that administration and fox news. you know what it has meant for all fox news employees and i say
8:22 pm
that personally, bill, you did an excellent job of making it clear the president of the united states understands, watches bill o'reilly, understands the power and respects the audience. one other thing i say quickly is that when you said to him, hey, you know what? what should i do better? i thought hey, everybody who says bill o'reilly is so arrogant. bill o'reilly is so contemptuous. here is bill o'reilly putting himself out there. obama could have taken a shot at you. he says to you bill put out the facts. you talk about the no spin zone. that's why people. i know you have a strong conservative base audience but a lot of people in the center now watch you say what's he have to say? what is he thinking? that audience includes, much to my surprise, president obama. >> the other thing about the interview wasn't just me and the president chatting, i was representing fnc as you pointed out, as juan pointed out, i was representing the whole news organization here mary katharine
8:23 pm
which has been demonized by the left wing press. most widely viewed interview of all time because of the internet. because the internet picked it up moments after it was on everywhere. that there are a lot of people all over the world who all they know about fnc is what they read in the guardian newspaper in london or some crazy thing like that. i wanted to show them that, you know, we are responsible agency. and i truly believe that we are the most powerful news agency in the country right now. and i wanted to get president obama's feeling on that. i don't know whether he was genuine or not. what do you think? >> well, i think that we are the most powerful news organization and that's part of why president obama even if the administration sort of begrudges it, comes on and talks to you. i thought it was lively and entertaining as it always is when the two of you guys talk. you you know, i'm not sure that i love the civility conversation because i feel like that creeds a little bit too much power to
8:24 pm
the white house saying we care about rhetoric without sort of answering to his own rhetoric. that's one of the things that is just a pet peeve for me. but i enjoyed it i think getting obama to talk about some things that are uncomfortable for the left to hear about, like afghanistan, like karzai and like the fox news thing was very entertaining. >> bill: juan, one of the problems right wing had with the interview and this is reflected by -- i just wrote a -- read a couple of letters was that i didn't go the gotcha route. i didn't. i could have had my staff say give me five gotchas that president obama has contradicted himself and i will spit them out. i consciously didn't do that because of the forum. because this was a 15-minute interview for the super bowl and i didn't do it and some conservatives say oh, you are a sell out, o'reilly. i will read the letters at the end of this show. softball larry king guy. and you say? >> no. you know what? in other words, they wanted it to be a grandstand performance. in other words, this would have been about promoting bill o'reilly, that he went in there
8:25 pm
and he embarrassed the president or he lamb bassed the president. look, i saw one measure that in the first part of the interview and the first 15, first ten minutes of the interview you interrupted him 20 times. >> bill: what's what said. they did a count on it. they were mortified, juan. they were mortified. that did i that. >> okay. so, this fits with what you are saying. people come to the interview with predispositions given their political perspective. and they want you to satisfy them. so if they really don't like obama, they wanted you to hammer him. or if they like obama, like pelosi says she does, they want to hammer you. you know what? i think as a professional journalist, you asked about egypt, you asked about afghanistan. you asked about this guy is sadn iraq and the influence iran is going to have there. these are critical issues. i wanted to hear when the president had to say. i didn't want to see you playing games to somehow glamorize yourself. >> bill: good, i'm glad. mary katharine, i'm giving you the last word. go. >> i think it was a mature
8:26 pm
interview and it wasn't full of gotchas, there were some spots i would have liked to have heard more from him about why he didn't endorse his own deficit commission's report. >> bill: you wanted me to talk about the deficit commission at 4:45 on super bowl sunday? >> yes, i do. i would like to know why he hasn't come forward and sort of made some of the tough choices, but i concede your point on that. maybe super bowl audience isn't the same as me on the deficit question. >> bill: maybe if we go on to c-span and get into the deficit commission. >> fair enough, but i do think it's strange that people said that you were at all rude. you have got to interrupt the guy or else he will talk the whole time. >> bill: enraged. >> bill, i have a question. so he says he invited you to the party. but you didn't come. >> bill: i don't want to horrify jlo. she would have fainted if i walked in there. >> come on. >> bill: i didn't want that on my conscience. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. brit hume on deck. he has thoughts about the obama
8:27 pm
interview and the political complications of it how the press is reacting and whether i held up my side of the equation. hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ robin ] my name is robin. and i s a pack-a-day smoker for 25 years. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke, while it built up in my system. [ male announcer ] chantix is a non-nicotine ill
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>> bill: in the hume zone segment tonight, continue aall in sis with president obama at the white house yesterday. matt horn am hearse, ohio, writes i wanted to know why there have been more than 700 waivers in the obama care law? many of them benefiting unions. matt, you need to have lunch with mary katharine ham. joining us now from boca ron, florida brit hume. very technical questions in a mass market, 15-minute interview where one technical question as you well know, brit, he could have run all day long with it and you know, if you get into that kind of -- you know, he would just take that -- what did you think overall? any political implications of the interview? >> well, i took away some revelations in a sense from --
8:31 pm
you listen to him on the subject of iraq in particular, also to some extent afghanistan, what you hear is a man who -- he is saying things that george w. bush could have said about these two places. particularly about iraq. he is basically was defending the state of affairs in iraq and basically pronouncing that mission successfully accomplished. which is, you know, a long way for him to come when is he a member of a party which felt the whole admission was misbegotten and doomed to failure not very long ago. that was a point that i thought was interesting. i also thought it was interesting when you asked him the question about a lack of urgency on spending and debt in the state of the union address and he contended with you that there was urgency and quite a lot of it. after all, bill, i mean i think he had a point. he was 35 minutes or so into the speech before he even mentioned it and the spending freeze, as you pointed out really in the course of the interview that he has recommended is, you know, holding spending at its current, quite elevated levels is really not going to make a big dent in the problem.
8:32 pm
it was intriguing to hear him say as well. >> bill: interesting thing about those questions is if you get into stats. he answered the spending freeze with the question of well i have now proposed this amount of cuts, which takes us back to the spending and the eisenhower administration. okay. >> brit: right. >> bill: i can't say that's not true. i don't know. that is the advantage that any sitting president has when answering a technical question. all right? he can throw a stat at you. how do you do you know? you don't know. you can say that's not true or i don't believe that. look like a total loon. >> even if you do know, you don't want to get off in a series of arguments. >> bill: convoluted argument. >> you are sighting one set of facts. i think interviewing presidents about as hard as anything you can do. if the times i have done it, i have always hated doing it because you have to walk such a fine line between not allowing the president to simply filibuster the time away, at the same time, you have to be more
8:33 pm
respectful of him as almost anybody else you will ever interview. it's a very fine line you have to walk and very difficult to do. i thought you did fine with it. and in addition, you know, it seems to me that he said some intriguing things. he said, for example, a couple of things. one, you asked him if he was moving to the center. he said no. >> bill: right. >> that will come to a considerable surprise to a lot of the people, i think, bill. i suspect he was trying to get across by that to say audience is i didn't move to the center because i didn't need to i was there all along to. his audience on his left he was saying i'm not moving to the center i'm still with you. that was an interesting answer. i thought kind of a sly one. it wasn't the most candid answer he gave you. >> bill: you know i wrote a book where he centered pinheads and patriots. i learned this that the president doesn't see himself in ideological terms. evidence simply doesn't. he rejects that whole labeling him of him as a far left guy or socialist guy. even if you said to him you are a liberal, he would contend that
8:34 pm
he isn't. he contends that he he saved the country from a depression. >> i know. >> bill: he is a pragmatic leader just wanting to do the best for all the folks. doesn't bring in ideological agenda. he firmly believes that. i say he firmly believes it he is not going to seize any point on that front, ever. >> exactly. further example of that i suppose, bill, when you asked him about his intention to redistribute the wealth. he denied that he was trying to do that when, in fact, of course, as we all know in the famous interview with joe the plumber, he talked about how much better things work when the wealth is more equally distributed. and i don't think there is any doubt that is he a re -- that he intends to see the wealth redistricted in this country, whether he has been frustrated from doing so by the fact that he had to make a deal with the republicans after the election on the tax code and the increases in tax rates for upper income people and all of that you know, he may not be able to do it. but, you know, if you look at obama care --
8:35 pm
>> bill: i pointed that out 40 million people subsidized. >> exactly. >> bill: he doesn't see that as forced income redistribution. >> he doesn't. >> bill: he sees it as generosity. that you must be more generous. >> what's good about these things, bill, in a situation like this, the president gave you those answers straightforwardly, you didn't get into an argument with him about it which never works out. >> bill: nope. >> people in america are observant. people in this country are tuned in. people watching that interview by the millions will have a factual basis. they have been watching this for two years. they will know whether, you know, there is reason to believe he has redistributive policies. they will know whether they think he is moving to the center. they are going to know that he used to criticize the whole enterprise in iraq and is now basically describing it as a success. so, you know, there is a lot there that is just, you know, just as plain as day. >> bill: all right, brit. thanks as always. we appreciate it when we come right back, bernie goldberg watched me. how the media reacted to the interview with president obama. that should be interesting.
8:36 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in weekdays with bernie segment let's bring in the purveyor of bernard let's take the interview itself first and the media reaction to it. your assessment? >> what interview? did you do an interview with somebody? >> bill: before the super bowl. >> oh, i wasn't aware of that. >> bill: you weren't? >> no. okay. this interview was a great example of how television uses politicians and how politicians use the media and they both get something out of it. president obama goes on in front of a very big audience and he is able to show his strongest suit which is he is a likeable guy. he comes off as a very nice guy.
8:40 pm
likability as we both know is very important in the world of politics. and with independents. people who are watching the super bowl, not going to change any republican minds you know that likability could go a long way with the independents. that's a plus for the president. the plus for you and for fox news is that, yes, you also didn't d. an interview in front of a very large crowd, and contrary to popular belief, not everybody in the whole world is familiar with your work. and not everybody watches the factor or is familiar with fox and as you correctly said earlier, a lot of them only have view of fox based on what they hear in a media that despises fox. you came off as reasonable. you weren't condescending as charlie gibson, for instance, was when he interviewed sarah palin. and i think that's good for you and fox. so both sides get something out of it. both sides in a sense use each other and both sides go along with it because there is something in it for them.
8:41 pm
>> bill: all right. now the interview itself, the tone of it -- did you ever do a live interview like -- because it's different than when you do it taped. >> yeah, it is. >> bill: totally different, because you are watching the clock. you don't want to let him run it out as pointed out, i interrupted the president 20 times in 15 minutes. and i said that's all? i thought it was more. because i had to keep it into the zone where i couldn't let him run out the clock because is he good at that. that's why i couldn't ask him technical questions and get into duling stats and all that business. i'm constricted a little bit. but i did want to get to the main points and i think i did. >> yeah. i'm not going to -- there is no point in having somebody else comment on whether he liked the interview or didn't like it. you have plenty of people talking about that. i was troubled by some of the coverage of the interview that talked about this interview as if it were a battle between
8:42 pm
godzilla and row dan, a battle of the giants. who scored more points? >> bill: that was howard kurtz's thing. >> right. and cynthia tuck everywhere of the atlanta constitution, o'reilly didn't lay a glove on him. look, two things. number one, this is an interview. this isn't a food fight. you asked questions. he answers them. you ask a follow-up if you choose to, he answers. if he chooses to. that's what it is about. but, what bothered me about this is these people consider themselves serious journalists. they -- some of them condemn cable television in general and fox in particular for not being serious enough. they don't like the culture that has become too polarized. yet, they are talking about the interview in terms of who scored more points. they wanted polarization, they wanted confrontation.
8:43 pm
i find it hypocritical. >> bill: it isn't though. they wanted confrontation, particularly ms. tucker who is a fox hater and a dismonday nest nest -- dishonest woman. intellectually dishonest. what she wanted was for me to insult the president and so she could go off in nancy pelosi indignation. nancy pelosi tridz that with the question about hate you this, that, and the other thing. or, she wanted obama to kick my butt which is what she wound up writing. it was a lose, lose for me in cynthia tucker's mind and that's what she wanted. >> very perceptive observation, bill. that's exactly right. that's why they were talking about it as a battle between two people and who won, as if it were a boxing match or something. as a matter of fact, she used the boxing analogy that o'reilly didn't lay a glove on the president. because they were so desperate, some of these people, to say
8:44 pm
obama won. by the way, i think obama came off very well. >> bill: yeah. >> i think he is immensely likeable guy. >> even if you disagree with his policies, i thought you came off well. they needed to have a winner, some of these people. and you needed to play the role. of the guy who lost. >> bill: the fix was. in the winner was going to be the president no matter what happens. the guardian goes o'reilly -- brusk. >> who cares what the guardian says? the guardian -- >> bill: it's insane, of course, it is reflective of the far left. >> can i make one other point about the far right? >> bill: yes. >> i didn't know until you mentioned it earlier in the program about any of the emails. but what i was going to say to you, you watch, bill, you are going to get emails and i know you don't like, this from the kool-aid drinking segment of your audience. >> bill: i'm reading them in about five minutes. i got tons of them. >> which is no differenten from the kool-aid drinkers at any
8:45 pm
cable operation. kool-aid drinkers are kool-aid drinkers. unless you did something where you literally slapped around the president, they weren't going to be happen with it -- those people i can't wait for the letters about how stooped i am but those people annoy me. they seriously annoy me. >> bill: fringe is fringe. kool-aid drinkers are cool oid drinkers they are entitled to their opinion. they're entitled to it. i'm going to read a bunch of them coming up. that doesn't bother me. the dishonest press, that bothers me because they have power and the other people are just folks. bernie, as always, thanks very much. we appreciate it in a moment, we will play you the highlights of yesterday's live interview at the white house. then, the black eyed peas, were they pinheads or patriots at halftime yesterday? can you -- you can decide up ahead. if it can do this, here.
8:46 pm
and it can do this, here. and it can also do this, here. just imagine what it can do, here.
8:47 pm
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8:49 pm
>> back of the book segment tonight, in addition to enormous television ratings my interview with president obama was seen all over the net. perhaps making it the most widely viewed of all time. in case you missed it, here are the highlights from the live interview. >> all right, mubarak, is he going to leave soon. >> well, you know, only he knows what he is going to do. here is what we know is that egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom, they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. >> bill: the muslim brotherhood a great concern to a lot of people. are they a great threat to the u.s.a. >> the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. >> bill: are they a threat. >> they are well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-u.s.
8:50 pm
there is no doubt about it. but here is the thing we have to understand there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. there are a whole bunch of educaters and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well. so it's important for us not to say that our only two options are either the muslim brotherhood or a suppress egyptian people. >> bill: you don't want the muslim brotherhood. >> what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence that if egypt moves in an orderly transition process that we'll have a government in egypt that we can work together as a partner. >> bill: tough boys muslim brotherhood i wouldn't want them anywhere near that government. federal judge in florida. new health care law sin constitutional. supreme court may follow in that. it's very close. are you prepared for that law to go down. >> the judge in florida was wrong. keep in mind we have had 12 judges that said -- that just threw this case out. >> bill: my question is are you
8:51 pm
prepared if gets thrown out? what are you going to do. >> here is what i am prepared to do. i'm not prepared to go back to a day when the american people, if you have preexisting condition, if you had a heart attack you can't get health care. >> bill: mr. obama is a a determined man of the left whose goal is to redistribute much larger levels of income across society. you may get tactical ground when he has to as he did on taxes to avoid the middle class tax increase may resist in last day when he made changes to obama care and other load bearing walls of the entitlement street. this is the "wall street journal." do you deny their assessment? do you deny that you are a man who wants to redistribute wealth? >> absolutely. >> bill: you deny that? >> absolutely. bill, i didn't raise taxes once. i lowered taxes over the last two years. >> bill: but the entitlements -- >> -- i lowered taxes for the last two years. >> bill: the entitlement that you champion do redistribute wealth in the sense that they provide insurance coverage for 40 million people that don't have it? >> what is absolutely true is i think in this country there is no reason why if you get sick
8:52 pm
you should go bankrupt. what we said was if you got health care that you like, you keep it. >> bill: i know all of that, mr. president. i listen to it every day. >> i know and i listen to you, and what i hear you saying, bill, for example, is that the notion that us saying to people that don't have health insurance don't make me pay for your health insurance, don't make me pay for it when you go to the emergency room, if you get sick, you have a responsibility to make sure that you have got coverage, there is nothing socialist about that that's saying to americans, we're going to, each of us, be responsible for our own health care. that's something that i think the majority of americans believe in. >> bill: you understand that a lot of americans feel that you are a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom? now, they also say that you have been moving. [ laughter ] >> bill: come on, you know that? >> folks that watch you believe that. >> bill: they think way worst of me. >> i give you credit. you have got a pretty big viewership. you can be purveyor. >> bill: we are trying. what's the absolute worst part of being president of the united states? >> worst part of the job is first of all i have got a jacket
8:53 pm
on on super bowl sunday. >> bill: that's terrible. >> if i weren't president i wouldn't be doing that. >> bill: don't have a tie. >> biggest problem for me is being in the bubble. it's very hard to escape. you know, you can't go to the corner. >> bill: everybody watching every move you make. >> every move you make. over time, you know, what happens is is that you feel like that you are not able to just have a spontaneous conversation with folks. >> bill: can't? >> and that's a loss. that's a big loss. >> bill: you can see the whole interview on bill o' we have got it all posted for you. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring the black eyed peas. how did they do yesterday at halftime. you make the call next.
8:54 pm
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8:56 pm
. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring the black-eyed peas in a moment. first, valentine's day in one week. ladies if you are looking for a nifty gift, you can't do better than the patriot pen. he'll like you and that's what you want ladies. check 'em out on of course he's got to give you a massive gift. if you become a premium member, you get it free. the deal will end soon. the of course obama interview in that book. now the mail:
8:57 pm
>> bill: you found someone who bet you $100 that i would ask the president about the nutty birth certificate stuff? can you please send me that person's name, i would like to do business with this guy.
8:58 pm
>> bill: you want me to ask him about c-span? >> bill: i appreciate that because you have been watching the factor since day one. >> bill: it is amazing that after all of these years you still don't understand the fact is not and never has been an ideological program am i ask the questions, the president responds, you decide. i don't engineer anything. >> bill: you need to read my
8:59 pm
preinterview column. i never submit questions. there was no prompter. finally pinheads and patriots, super bowl halftime show featuring the plaque eyed peas. some -- the black-eyed peas. some people didn't like them. ♪ ♪ i got a feeling, tonight's gonna be a good night ♪ that tonight's gonna be a good night, good night ♪ ♪ tonight's the night let's live it up ♪ >> bill: she is better than lady gaza . were -- lady gaga. were the peas -- check out the fox news factor website we have the whole interview posted. that is it


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